Building Dreams Since 1987

Fine Construction Services is a full service construction company specializing in commercial and residential renovation. We believe in building trust through communication and transparency and are committed to delivering itemized bidding, ongoing cost estimation and line item proposals aligned with individual customer needs and expectations.

We work together with you to provide scheduling and construction management throughout the life of your project, eliminating long lead times that can delay completion and add unnecessary expense. Our long-standing relationships with subcontractors, including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, allow for seamless delivery of projects, on time and on budget.

Hiring Fine Construction means gaining a team of dedicated professionals. With millwork, tile, and stone fabrication done in-house, we custom-make all cabinetry, moldings, counters, and flooring, resulting in the creation of beautifully inspired living spaces that are as unique and distinctive as each individual client.

Our President

Ciaran Strong, Fine Construction President

Ciaran Strong

Since arriving from Ireland in 1981, Company President Ciaran Strong has spent 35 years in the New York City construction industry working with some of the finest architects and designers in New York to help people transform their living environments. His reputation is built upon impeccable craftsmanship, scrupulous attention to detail, total transparency in bidding and cost estimation, and timely communication with clients.

Knowing that construction can be a confusing and challenging process, Ciaran is especially proud to have built a trustworthy company that is “user friendly,” and is dedicated to advocating for each client to navigate any and all hurdles, from project conception to handing over keys on the completed project. His access and expert knowledge of the Department of Buildings filing and approval process, as well as assistance with documentation required for speedy approval with coop and condo boards gets projects moving quickly and efficiently, taking the stress out of building in NYC and creating a much more pleasurable renovation experience.

Ciaran firmly believes that producing a true quality product means going above and beyond the basic construction requirements. Environmental respect is a core value of Fine Construction Services, resulting in clean, eco-friendly worksites where dust management and worker health and safety is always a priority.

Ciaran is available for estimations and consultation to answer all questions and concerns at your convenience.


August Ventura, Licensed Architect, New York City

“Ciaran brings a culture of service that not many contractors do—he sends himself to the job, not his ambassadors, and creates just the right balance between client and contractor that engenders trust and true professionalism.

“Ciaran has the patience of a saint, is courteous, and easy to work with. He reads people and projects well, really listens, and has the tenacity to see the way through, get the job done, and get it done right.

“As an architect, he’s a team player and allows me to do my job well and please my client, which I really appreciate. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Carolyn McKeough, Designer

“There are always unforeseen circumstances that arise during a renovation. The difference with Ciaran is he always brings ideas to the table, he’s a problem solver and comes up with effective options, so designer and contractor are working together, not against each other and the job keeps moving forward even when changes are needed. Ciaran’s experience and vast knowledge of all the different professional fields, new trends and technologies enables him to always find a viable solution to any situation. He’s very hands on and meticulous with great attention to detail, he really puts his heart into the work.

“Renovations can be really stressful but Ciaran is so approachable—he brings a sense of professionalism and optimism to each job that instills confidence and trust in his clients, employees, and professionals working alongside him.”

Sarah Tombaugh, Architect

“As an architect, creative problem solving is incredibly important to me. Instead of looking to me to solve problems, he worked with me to come up with solutions and we were able to solve issues in a timely, professional way that the client really appreciated. Ciaran is so personable, resourceful, and responsive, he always took my phone calls, making working with him a really pleasant experience. He exudes a professional, confident presence, has a great relationship with all subcontractors, and manages all aspects of the projects in a smooth and timely manner. I felt really good working with him and trusted him implicitly as did the clients we worked for.”

Sonia K., Client

“One of the reasons we were drawn to the buying our apartment was the level of detail we saw with the previous renovations—everything had been done so well so we asked who the contractor was and were referred to Ciaran at Fine Construction.

“There are a lot of ups and downs and things happen that you don’t anticipate during a renovation that you have to live with so it was important for us to have a good relationship with our contractor and find someone we liked. We immediately liked Ciaran, he’s personable, trustworthy, and willing to go the extra mile—so that’s why we hired him. There were things that went wrong and things none of us had planned for but he always came through, put us at ease and said ‘Don’t worry’. At one point, something went wrong in a bathroom that was the result of someone else’s work, but he took complete responsibility and made it right. He really went above and beyond. Ciaran’s a true, honest professional and takes great pride in his work. He genuinely cares and has a great personality. We really enjoyed working with him and always refer people to him when they ask for recommendations.”